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Abuse Victims / Survivors (Industrial Schools and Orphanages)


We represent survivors of abuse worldwide. We have a department dedicated to pursuing claims arising from abuse that occurred in Irish State Institutions.


Abuse includes: lack of education, child labour, under nourishment, physical abuse, psychological abuse and sexual abuse.


If you suffered abuse in an Irish orphanage/ industrial school you may be one of thousands of people who are now entitled to counselling, compensation and education grants as part of a scheme set up by the Irish Government. The scheme makes awards to people who were resident in industrial schools and orphanages in Ireland.


If you think you may qualify, please call us now on + 353 1 6694696  in strictest confidence for further information. Alternatively email


The Residential Institutions Redress Board is a government-funded authority established in December 2002 to consider applications for compensation on behalf of children who suffered abuse while in a State Institution in Ireland.


The closing date for receipt of applications was December 2005 but many people who did not apply at that time, may, in certain circumstances be entitled to submit an application now.


The Redress Board confirms in its latest newsletter that it has received a total of 14753 applications. 874 firms of solicitors have dealt with these applications. Our firm has completed over 1500 of these applications. We have the experience and expertise to advise you in relation to your abuse. 


If you would like to speak with us in confidence - Contact Us Now!.

In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

This statement is made in compliance with Reg.8 of SI 518 of 2002